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Te Kaupapa


Te Reo ki Tua started as a need to inspire others to continue the battle to save our indigenous language from the brink of extinction and ultimately deploy an army of language champions.  It has progressed from 100 attendees in 2016 to hosting 1100+ people in 2022.  


Te Reo ki Tua provides a platform that fosters language growth through an environment which in turn provides the impetus for an individual to further build their language foundation. Having reached its 5th year - we are looking at making changes to meet the increased demand and also build new results to ensure we continue to build an army of language champions.

In recent years; we have all ages and a range of iwi; sectors; private and public agency attendees. Leadership has determined that in order to continue to grow language champions and to respond to the increased demands - we can create to key goals:

  • Growing more reo champions

  • Increasing event capacity 

  • Creating new options to accelerate the introduction of new approaches and products and respond to increasing access for whānau



  • Whānau - whānau friendly Kaumātua – socially connecting and format that enables them to attend indoors registrations across NZ – different dialectal variations – linking to range of speakers and applying learning their own worlds.

  • Te reo Māori learners – encouraging place of interactive learning

  • Matatau i te reo Māori – rūmaki reo 



To respond to the size and needs of attendees, it was agreed that there needed to be a larger event that aligned to the differing audiences through targeted engagement and increase the ways to learn and use te reo Māori in their lives.  To enable this, a more focussed two day event will help us to celebrate and showcase Māori culture and language in an interactive way including music, arts, digital arts, and seminars.

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